Cuphead’s E3 Demo Leaves Us Wanting More, Lots More

Cuphead’s E3 Demo Leaves Us Wanting More, Lots More

I can say without a doubt that I will purchase Cuphead on launch day – even if it bankrupts me.

The brilliant mix of a 2D Side-Scrolling shooter, and the classic cartoon animations were the initial selling points for me. I was skeptical that this would be all it was, just a pretty game with a great concept, but upon picking up the controller and blasting through the entire demo, I was left with emptiness, grinding my teeth to play more. The game looked as good as it played, especially when it came down to delivering a challenging experience. Jumping over various enemies while dodging incoming fire was challenging but entirely possible.

What suprised me was how challenging the game really was. After five attempts, I cleared the first level on the normal difficulty. While that may seem like a bad result, keep in mind that players only have three hits until they perish, causing them to restart the whole level. The game makes you stop and think about your next plan of attack – proceeding only when it’s safe to do so. The game provides this challenge without it being overly frustrating. This is something I haven’t felt since I cleared the classic Mega Man games, and I have to say, it’s nice to see a challenging but rewarding game in today’s industry other than Dark Souls.

The creatures found throughout your travels in Cuphead are unlike no other. From walking, angry wilting sunflowers to a giant Carrot firing lasers out of his third-eye, the team over at Studio MDHR have put their creative talents to the limit by introducing weird and imaginative experiences.

Whilst playing, I kept thinking of the good ol’ days, where I would sit down in front of a CRT TV and watch cartoons as a child. It wasn’t only the graphical style that grabbed my attention, it was the little sounds that each action made, almost like the sounds were ripped right out of a episode of Popeye The Sailor Man. The entire experience felt natural, and it felt like the sounds were created specifically for this animation style, and all I wanted to do it play more.

Who is this game marketed for? It’s for anyone wanting a great challenge with a mix of cartoon nostalgia. While I feel the game does cater to the older audience a lot more than younger players, I feel there is something here for every gamer; regardless of preference. Anyone who owns an Xbox One or a compatible Windows 10 PC must play this game when it is released.

Cuphead is scheduled to launch exclusively for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC this year.