Cresteaju The Indie Feature RPG Gets A Nintendo Switch Release

Japanese company Ukidakensetsu co.,ltd announced in a press release that Cresteaju, the Indie Feature RPG, has been released by PLiCy for the Nintendo Switch.

Cresteaju is a fantasy RPG that was initially released back in 2001 by Shou. Despite being created by a single individual, the game garnered a large level of support due to its strategic battle system and challenging scenarios that amounted in 30 hours of gameplay.

This release of Cresteaju on the Nintendo Switch marks the first time the game has been ported to a home console. Not only has the original game been ported over to the console but numerous new elements have been added to the game.

Using the Nintendo Wave Bezel Engine, the entirety of the games battle screen has been revamped and remastered so that players can experience the game with “full HD” and “full 3D field” on a 16:9/HD screen.

In game dialogue has also been added to varying battle scenarios along with added character voices. Along with the above mentioned, new written scenarios and new BGM have been added into the game by the original author, Shou.

After clearing the game, you will be introduced to various new elements including a “Retro Style Mode” and the chiptune version of BGM.

The entirety of the menu screen has also been redesigned with the new addition of online ranking for the game’s online mode, where players can face of against each other in real time. This addition of online ranking does not necessitate the need for a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription.

Game progression has also seen a some alterations, as well with the overall difficulty levels being adjusted. This allows a larger range of people to enjoy the game, along with the addition of numerous tutorials being added as extra help.

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