Crackdown 3 Appears at E3 2017

Crackdown 3 Appears at E3 2017

After a very long absence, leading some to think it got canned, Crackdown 3 shows up once again, with a brand new gameplay trailer.

Full of action, bright lights, and all the insanity you could come to expect from Crackdown, fans of the series can finally live with confidence in its survival. Crackdown 3 isn’t dead, and while we still don’t have much info at all, it’s nice to know that Microsoft hasn’t just outright dropped it, and it’ll be coming soon.

The original Crackdown 3 trailer made it out to use cloud computing to assist with running the game, but when that feature never came to light, it appears they decided to wait for the Xbox One X, a far more capable console, to launch this clearly demanding game.

Crackdown 3 is slated to launch November 7th, along with the Xbox One S.