Console Release Announced For Eastshade

Console Release Announced For Eastshade

The open world Indie game Eastshade has been announced for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Previously released on Steam, the game was an instant hit and gained a very positive rating from Steam Reviews.

Featuring an incredibly diverse and beautiful open world environment, Eastshade is a game that focuses on peace. Players can explore near endless types of scenery as a travelling painter. Making friends and uncovering secrets throughout the journey will be vital to the players experience.

One major feature that might go unnoticed at first is the ability to display in game paintings. Players will have their own area available in game to display all their favourite pieces of art work. This is an achievement in itself, as it allows players to share their favourite paintings with their friends, or reminisce about another time.

Eastshade Studios revealed a brand new trailer alongside the console release announcement. This trailer shows the vast array of landscapes available for the player to paint. Some examples shown are a beach at sunset and a dark and gloomy cave.

Eastshade releases October 21st on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.