Club Nintendo Europe’s Last Reward is a Nostalgic Coin

Club Nintendo Europe’s Last Reward is a Nostalgic Coin

With Nintendo phasing out Club Nintendo to make room for its new loyalty rewards program, the various regions are making their final farewells memorable by having special rewards or putting on special events.

Club Nintendo Europe announced their final reward will be a commemorative coin with the engraved Japanese text “Arigato!” which translates to “Thank you!”. This coin is the final Club Nintendo reward ever to be released as Club Nintendo Japan and North America have already been shut down.

If you have enough stars in your account (Known as Coins in North America), you can snag one of these memorable coins. With this stated, many users may have already spent their allotment of stars on other items such as games, posters and other rewards due to the coin being revealed too late. Too continue, people have taken to social media to express their disappointment regarding the lack of loyalty rewards in North America; like the final reward offered in Japan (a CD containing end credit themes from various games) and of course, this reward that Europe is now receiving.

What do you think about the final Club Nintendo rewards or lack thereof? If you have a European account, will you be picking up the coin? Sound off below!