Cagliostro Prepares To Synthesize Players In Granblue Fantasy: Versus

Cagliostro Prepares To Synthesize Players In Granblue Fantasy: Versus

Legendary fighting game studio Arc System Works and Cygames team up to bring the beloved Granblue Fantasy universe to the PC and home console in an action-packed, head-to-head fighter. Granblue Fantasy: Versus features a colourful cast of their most popular crewmates, each with a unique fighting style that is easy to learn but hard to master.

Now Cygames that has partnered with Arc System Works, known for such popular fighting franchises as GUILTY GEAR and BlazBlue, and have worked hard to bring Granblue Fantasy: Versus to the world of fighting games, complete with top-notch game design and one-of-a-kind 3D graphics.

As of October 19th, Granblue Fantasy: Versus has gotten a new update, which includes a playable character named Cagliostro, new weapons, and a multitude of run-of-the-mill patches too keep the game running as well as it should be.

At first glance, Cagliostro may seem like a difficult character to use, but her alchemically-enhanced normal attacks have a long reach and her projectile ability, known as Collapse, can be used with a single button. She also has a simple lunge attack called Alexandria.

Attributes such as these allow her to fight without relying on Mehen, her trademark skill. However, none of her skills grant any invincibility. You’ll find the key to evading your opponent is to move and fight by your own rules, just like Cagliostro.

Not only is Cagliostro now playable, she has also received a multitude of new weapon skins to go along with Magnum Opus, her default weapon skin.

Alongside the multitude of weapon skins so you can customize to your hearts content, they have also released her soundtrack, so you can listen to that while beating up people online. Cagliostro is available as DLC on PC and PlayStation 4 for $6.99, which is a pretty good price.

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