Brand New DLC coming to Tekken 7

Brand New DLC coming to Tekken 7

Tekken 7 has been out for four years now (five years if you count the Arcade release), and over the years has had thirteen batches of DLC released as well as three seasons of free updates added to the game.

As fighting games go, Tekken 7 already has quite a hefty character roster as well with DLC characters such as the Walking Dead’s Negan and Prince Noctis from Final Fantasy XV making the grade. However with no news of Tekken 8 appearing anytime soon, developer Bandai Namco is surprisingly still supporting their 2016 title with more content yet to come.

The fourteenth and fifteenth pieces of DLC come in the form of fighter ‘Fahkumram‘ and a new arena titled the ‘Cave of Enlightenment‘. Fahkumram fighting style is Muay Thai and these style of fighters are the epitome of pain as they deal damage to their opponents. As characters of Tekken go, Fahkuram looks an absolute beast.

You can see that Bandai Namco have taken inspiration from tradition Muay Thai fighters and added their own twist to the formulae. The showcase trailer (which can be viewed at the end of this article) does well to show off how devastating Fahkuram will be when in the right hands.

With fast moving combos that mix high punches with low kicks, Fahkumram is sure to be an interesting character. Along with Fahkumram, the Cave of Enlightenment will also be added to the games many stages and will offer a different setting for players to beat each other down.

Both Fahkumram and the Cave of Enlightenment will be available to download from March 24th, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC’s via STEAM.

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