Bountiful Thanksgiving Event Brings Tons Of Content To Black Desert Online

Bountiful Thanksgiving Event Brings Tons Of Content To Black Desert Online

It’s that time of the year again fellow MMORPG no-lifers, Harvest Season, the yearly fall event for Black Desert Online. It’s made its annual return with a luxurious and bountiful amount of rewards for us to celebrate the fall season, and there is quite a bit to be thankful for.

In this six stage event you have the ability to take a shortcut to getting better gear through Enhancement, get the horse of your dreams, some beneficial food, and of course gear by some useful farming of potatoes, moles, turkeys and your average mobs.

Lasting only two weeks, November 11th, 2020-November 25th, 2020, you can partake by starting one of the Event exclusive quests or just continuing with your normal activities in game. To take full advantage of this bountiful Harvest Season read below for a summary of each event.

Event 1: Half-left Seed Potato

After planting a Half-left Seed Potato event item and letting time pass you can harvest the Potato of Good Harvest. Turn in this event item to the NPC Alustin for some milk, or what you are really there for, the Cleansing Advice reward item. Combine the event items Cleansing Advice and Sealed Advice of Valks to get the super useful Advice of Valks (+5) to Advice of Valks (+40).

Event 2: Farming Moles for your Dream Horse

While you continue with your normal planting and harvesting activities during the event period, you have the chance of a mole appearing! Three different moles can appear; the [Greedy] Pudgy Mole will provide you with 15-20 of  Mutant Plant, Premature Fruit, Seed Half Eaten by a Bird, Plant with Rotting Roots and Unusual Fruit. Additionally, the [Caught in the Act] Slow Poke Mole will give you 10-15, and the [Hungry] Mole will only let you have 5-10.

All moles also have a chance to drop a Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast, Black Stone (Weapon) or Black Stone (Armor). Use your precious loot to get your Dream Horse by using Simple Cooking to easily achieve the useful courser Stonetail Fodder and increase your horse’s skill to achieve the Dream Horse Arduanatt.

Event 3 and 4: Wacky Toshi’s Visit and Scared Turkeys

Meet with the Wacky Toshi NPC in your closest event city/town to get a Marni’s Stone II, accept the event quest Harvest Crasher and as you are killing your required monsters, possibly run into the event item Traces of a Turkey.

This event item will spawn a turkey that will give you the ability to get your hands on some much desired Cron Stone or Memory Fragment for your Enhancing activities of precious gear. Turn in those filled Marni Stone’s II to easily get access to even more Advice of Valks (+40).

Event 5: Joy of Harvest

What is Thanksgiving without the food? Thankfully you won’t need to know, due to the 5th part of this event makes sure you have plenty of food in your inventory! This isn’t just your normal fare either, as you’ll have the chance to get the event exclusive effect boosting treats such as Sour Cranberry Juice, Sweet Pumpkin Pie or Hearty Grilled Turkey.

You can also get Big Black Feather x3 each time you complete the quest and turn it in to the event NPC. Exchange the Big Black Feather x2 for the event exclusive Golden Sunset Bundle for the chance at getting one of the previous three treats or a Taxidermied Turkey.

Event 6: The Protective Parents/Targargo and Targarga

At Finto Farm, during the event period, you have the chance to find Targargo protecting his egg. Confuse him by attacking and he will drop his egg and call for Targarga to help. You will want to defeat Targarga and then Targargo and their Giant Turkey Egg for a chance at some Tungrad accessories gear, Mass of Pure Magic, Laytenn’s Power Stone and more.

Black Desert Online is available Steam for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Sadly, Nintendo fans will be left out on the festivities. However most people have phones, so you’ll be able to participate on Black Desert Mobile as well, available on Google Play and the Amazon Store.

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