Hi-Rez Studios Adding Bob Ross Skin To SMITE

Hi-Rez Studios Adding Bob Ross Skin To SMITE

Hi-Rez Studios is bringing some internet culture to SMITE, with the addition of the Bob Ross skin for Sylvanus. 

The skin will change the appearance of Sylvanus to look like Bob Ross, the now famous painter. In addition to his appearance, Sylvanus’ moves have also received cosmetic changes, among other changes such as the voice and the charming smile that comes with it.

It is worth mentioning that Bob Ross’s skin, as well as his many features, are only available through a bundle on Smite. The bundle will arrive for all platforms on May 9th and will cost 700 in-game gems (or $9.99 through Twitch Commerce). The bundle includes the skin, with animations and voices, a Bob Ross Jump Stamp, a custom loading frame, and loading screen.

Over the years, the late Bob Ross has been receiving lots of fame for his fun and interesting art pieces recorded years ago. It wasn’t until Twitch streamed several day marathons that Bob Ross started receiving a lot of attention, and thus, became an internet legend.

SMITE is available for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.