Blizzard Banning XP Farmers In Overwatch

Blizzard Banning XP Farmers In Overwatch

Blizzard is threatening players who abuse the new custom game browser to gain experience.

The new custom game browser has been out for some time, but Blizzard has hit a few roadblocks since its inception. Some players are idling in custom game matches to gain experience. This ends up ruining the gameplay experience in games, causing grief among Overwatch’s community. The game director of Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan, took to the official forums to express his concern:

We also knew that there was the potential for this system to be exploited but we wanted to give everyone the benefit of the doubt before becoming overly restrictive with the system. It’s very disappointing to us that players abused the system to gain experience while inactive.

Typically, inactive players would be removed from the game should they remain dormant for a select amount of time. This said, that isn’t active in Skirmish games, so once the game ends, players are rewarded with experience.

Kaplan says “Abusing and exploiting Custom Game or any other game mode to earn experience in Overwatch while inactive is NOT ok.” and that “If you join any game mode – including Custom Games – with the intent of gaining experience while being inactive, you risk having your account banned.

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Overwatch is available for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.