Blizzard Announce Details For Blizzcon Live Named BlizzConline

Blizzard Announce Details For Blizzcon Live Named BlizzConline

In a new video published to their YouTube channel, Blizzard have revealed a series of details and potential hints at what is to come from Blizzcon 2021.

In the 30th anniversary year of the company, there is set to be a multitude events and celebrations over the two day event. The situation will be unprecedented given this will be the first online form of the event to date. Although, the previous Blizzcon events have been watchable online.

Blizzard have revealed both a trailer for Blizzcon, as well as a pre-show welcome. The trailer revealed watchers can look forward to watching and interacting with the event. It will include various competitions, Q and As, artists, demos and ‘Epic Announcements’.

Some have begun to speculate on what announcements will be made during the event. Users on social media site Reddit have begun to speculate that a new Hearthstone announcement will be made, relating to Archaeology. This is all from a snip in the pre-show welcome video showing developers in exploring gear.

Blizzcon Live is scheduled to run February 18th-19th 2021. It will be available to watch on the official website, as well as Twitch and YouTube. The event is free to watch, and there will be plenty to look forward to for Blizzard’s 30th anniversary.

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