Blade Assault Heads To Kickstarter

Blade Assault Heads To Kickstarter

A beautiful and fluid looking game has made its way to Kickstarter. Blade Assault is a 2D Cyberpunk Action Rogue-lite extravaganza. The story takes place in the future, after the discovery of a new resource called Red Stones causes humanity to fight among themselves for control of this resource.

The ensuing conflict left the planet a mostly war torn mess. Due to this, the victors created a floating city with the resources acquired, called Esperanza, while the rest of humanity were left to decay below.

The player takes control of a resistance fighter as they aim to defeat the corrupt leader of the city of Esperanza. The game allows players to add up to 4 characters down the line, all of which have unique weapons and unique ways of approaching the challenge.

Throughout the game players will collect Red Shards to return to NPC’s, which will unlock permanent upgrades for subsequent gameplay runs. You could choose between a suite of different weapons in your arsenal to match your gameplay style. Once you have your perfect style, you can throw yourself at challenging levels with control oriented gameplay, which rewards mastery of gameplay systems.

The game has incredible looking 2D Pixel art alongside some unique looking and memorable NPCs. The story also has the option of NewGame+, for that extra edge and even more enjoyable experiences.

The demo for Blade Assault is currently available to test and try to your heart’s content, with the milestone goals projecting full release on Steam for February 2021.

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