Bioware’s New IP Anthem Announced

Bioware’s New IP Anthem Announced

Today at EA’s press conference, they announced Anthem, Bioware’s long awaited new IP.

Not much was shown about the game at EA’s conference, however we did get a very enticing trailer that showcased some key elements of the game’s world. It appears to focus around a society walled in from the outside world, to protect themselves from terrifying creatures that roam the outside world.

We also got to see many glimpses of a mechanized body suit, something the trailer seems to display as a method of fighting off the giant monsters outside. Perhaps the game will be about reclaiming the world for humanity?

Who knows? We’ll have to see tomorrow, because EA has announced that Anthem will be getting a full gameplay trailer at Microsoft’s conference.

Stay tuned to Informed Pixel, because we’ll be covering that, and more over the next couple of days at E3!