BioWare Exec. shows interest in developing “Dragon Age Tactics”

BioWare Exec. shows interest in developing “Dragon Age Tactics”

Along with a poll, yesterday BioWare executive producer Mark Darrah has asked Dragon Age fans an interesting question:


Luckily for those interested in such a game, the majority answers with a resounding “Yes!”, or at least,  “Yes! (but only if there’s a PC version)”.

Mark Darrah went on to specify that the potential game’s style  would match that of XCOM and Fire Emblem, two beloved turn-based strategy series, and that it would “in addition to the main series”, but despite that, it would be a “full game”, not just a feature or optional mode in a regular Dragon Age game.

Not only does this mean we could very well be seeing a Dragon Age Tactics title in the future, but also that classic Dragon Age games will not be halted for the development of this title, so whether you’re a fan of tactical games, classic Dragon Age, or both, you can find something from BioWare to enjoy in the coming years.