Bethesda Press Conference At E3 2016 Recap and Opinions

Bethesda Press Conference At E3 2016 Recap and Opinions

After a very lengthy pre-show, Bethesda began their conference, and unlike EA’s earlier today, a lot of information was revealed about their upcoming games.

In terms of major announcements, after puzzling the viewers by just showing last year’s trailer, we got an absolute ton of new information regarding Dishonored 2, the setting in which it will take place, and the new abilities our protagonists will use to sneak around and take down enemies. We have a full article on the subject here. It’ll be coming out this November 11th.

Additionally, a new Quake title, Quake Champions was revealed, but info is sparse, outside of confirmation that it will be keeping the fast, competitive gameplay that made the older entries so popular. We have the info covered here, but Id Software has promised to show off more at Quake Con.

Finally, a new survival horror title in the Prey series was revealed. Easily the most mysterious of the announced games, the new entry, simply titled Prey, is a psychological thriller set on an alien infested space station.

Now, for the more minor announcements, confirmations, and more:

  • Elder Scrolls Legends first official trailer, displaying similar gameplay to Hearthstone, but with the addition of Lanes, special battle areas that give special effects to cards upon them.
  • Elder Scrolls Legends set to include a full campaign. A new trailer was shown, also acting as the opening cinematic for the campaign mode.
  • Fallout 4 Contraptions DLC elaborated on, allows players to build their own wacky well, contraptions, not unlike the Redstone constructs in Minecraft.
  • Fallout Shelter announced for PC, along with many gameplay improvements and new characters.
  • Skyrim Special Edition, an HD remaster of the smash hit game, was announced officially, bringing mod support for consoles. Releases Oct 28th
  • New Doom Snapmap updates coming, including single player campaign creation and more logic objects. New multiplayer modes also announced.
  • Elder Scrolls Online highlight reel shown, including many crabs. Dark Brotherhood DLC announced, featuring the Golden Coast area from Oblivion. Trailer shown.
  • Entire ESO world revamped to remove all content restrictions, making it just as open as the main games.
  • Bethesda VR compatibility announced, Fallout 4 confirmed to be coming to HTC Vive

And that about round up everything seen from Bethesda this E3.

For more coverage on the event, keep checking Informed Pixel.