Bethesda In A Hot Radioactive Mess Over Fallout 76 Controversy

Bethesda In A Hot Radioactive Mess Over Fallout 76 Controversy

The gaming industry is an amazing place. We are constantly being provided with beautiful and diverse worlds, explosive action and well-crafted storytelling which makes us fall in love with all of our favorite, original games.

Unfortunately, there is another side to the industry that misses that magical mark. Controversies have arisen over extreme working conditions, unfinished game releases and, most recently, flat out lying to consumers and fans.

You are likely aware of the controversy surrounding Bethesda’s newest title Fallout 76 and the storm that has arisen over the game’s Power Armor Edition, especially is you are a social media bug.┬áThe $200 collector’s pack, of a game already struggling, has thrown Bethesda even further into the hatred pit of the public. To sum up, Bethesda marketed this collectors edition including a sweet-looking Duffle bag to hold the signature Power Armor Helmet in. What they failed to mention is that the bag produced is very different in quality.

Instead of the canvas bag promised, Bethesda is actually giving out cheaper nylon bags in their wildly priced edition of Fallout 76.

Now you would think that this is as bad as it gets. You would be wrong. After an understandably disappointed fan complained online about their “limited edition” bag, Bethesda responded poorly saying that “the bag shown in the media was a prototype and was too expensive to make.” Hmm.

Not only that but Bethesda went on to offer 500 atoms to anyone who is unhappy with their purchase. Atoms being the Fallout 76 in-game currency which totals to around $5. It doesn’t seem like much is going to be done about the issue.

We love you Bethesda but this ain’t it chief.

Fallout 76 is available for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.