Azerion to Distribute Classic Microsoft Casual Games

Azerion to Distribute Classic Microsoft Casual Games

You heard them right, GameDistribution is the biggest broker of high quality, cross-platform games, where they connect the best game developers to the biggest publishers. When they say biggest, they actually mean it.

Games like Microsoft’s Solitaire Collection, which celebrated its 30th anniversary earlier this year, are now available as part of the Azerion portfolio together with MahjongJigsawBubble ShooterCrosswordsSudoku, and others.

News publishers, broadcasters, telecom sites, and others see enormous benefits in adding games to their offering. Azerion’s GameDistribution provides an easy and reliable way to do that, along with access to the best quality games. GameDistribution also enables publishers to effectively monetize games and other content within their sites.

Publishers can add HTML5 games, giving their users access on a wide variety of platforms including PC and Mac, iOS and Android. Average session length for players on GameDistribution is over 30 minutes — that represents a huge step up in the length of time users typically spend on web sites.

“We are very proud of having a giant of the industry trusting us to distribute their games to millions of players around the world and to extend the desktop experience to an online cross-platform one.” says Erol Erturk, Executive VP Games & Strategic Partnerships at Azerion.

“For Microsoft Casual Games, the Azerion network of sites represents an opportunity to scale globally with the most efficient investment in integration,” says Frank Cartwright, Microsoft Casual Games Program Manager.

As of the year 2020, there already have a massive amount of 2000 web publishers globally that are actively using Azerion’s GameDistribution, and there are some pretty cool games there as well, so go ahead and give them a look at their website.

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