Asgard’s Wrath Announce Trailer Reveals A Violent VR Action-RPG, And I Am Down

Asgard’s Wrath Announce Trailer Reveals A Violent VR Action-RPG, And I Am Down

Norse Gods, warriors, monsters, and gratuitous violence? Yup, that ticks all my boxes. California based Indie developer Sanzaru games, responsible for VR games like MARVEL Powers United VR, announced on the Oculus Youtube page today that they are releasing Asgard’s Wrath, a VR exclusive action-adventure set in “a Rich Norse fantasy world.” In the game you are swapping between an Asgardian god, who can turn normal beasts of the realm into anthropomorphic companions for you to fight alongside when you possess a mortal hero.

Mike Doran, and Executive Producer at Oculus Studios, revealed details in a blog post today about the game’s story. “It’s the twilight of the gods, with Asgard’s inhabitants consumed by bickering and selfish exploits. You, Fledgling God, are birthed in an explosion of light—a clash of primordial forces of nature. Your story begins in medias res with a dramatic, action-packed encounter with Loki.” If you don’t follow Norse mythology (and have never seen a MARVEL movie ever, grandma) Loki is the god of mischief, so you can be assured his intentions with your character are strictly honorable. “…Loki has several requests to test your worthiness. Each revolves around a standalone scenario, or Saga, wherein you must use your powers to help preordained Heroes of the Realms fulfill their destinies.” You know, the whole destiny and deceit shtick.

Let’s talk gameplay. Mike wrote that, “This is not just another physics simulator.” and went on to explain how the game will punish you for flailing your sword around willy-nilly. The game will use a combination of features to create a complex combat system that appears to reward creativity. There will also be a puzzle aspect of the game, where players will have to use the shifting scale of swapping between giant god and puny mortal to solve the riddles and challenges the game throws at you. The different mortals, which the trailer reveals to be a spell caster, a rogue, and a warrior, will have unique gear and mechanics to suit their role. It is worth noting that the end of the trailer shows “Some simulated gameplay.” so not everything we see is what we’ll get, but for the most part I’m on board.

Mike also teased that there would be asynchronous multiplayer in the game, as well as a hands-on experience at GDC in March, so there will be plenty more information to look forward to.