Arne Joins The Roster In Grandblue Fantasy: Versus

Arne Joins The Roster In Grandblue Fantasy: Versus

Developer Arc System Works alongside XSeed Games and Cygames, have announced ‘Arne’ will be the fourth character, part of the ‘Character Pass 2’ bundle to join the rooster in the head-to-head fighter game, Grandblue Fantasy: Versus!


As one of the Eternals in Grandblue Fantasy: Versus, Arne works relentlessly to protect the balance of peace. He wields his power in the hope of one day ridding the world of sadness. While not the tallest of fighters, his height is more than made up by his strongest attribute, his unmatched ability to use a spear.

Whether confronting the enemies of peace with the tip of his spear or just catch a glimpse of his memorizing facial hair he is overly obsessive about, there is no doubt the end result will be his enemies’ demise.

As the fourth character in the six-character ‘Character pass 2’ bundle, Arne will join other characters, including Belial, Cagliostro, and Yuel. The last remaining two characters in the bundle are yet to be announced.

On top of being able to play as Arne, Arne also comes with various items players can use, including; A lobby avatar, A character Icon, as well as, additional RPG mode quests.

How to purchase Arne?

Arne can be be purchased separately for $6.99, or you can purchase all the characters as part of the Character Pass 2 for $34.99.

Grandblue Fantasy: Versus is available to purchase for $59.99 on PlayStation 4 in North America and on Windows PC globally via Steam.

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