Arknights Celebrates Its 1st Anniversary With Surprises

Arknights Celebrates Its 1st Anniversary With Surprises

With so many mobile games on the market, it’s hard to keep track of the releases. It doesn’t help without a well-known mascot or base property that the game can pull from, but Arknights has managed to become a player in the Mobile game space, and now Arknights celebrates its 1st anniversary with many surprises.

Arknights is a mobile tower defence game created by developers Studio Montagne and Hypergryph. The game is popular in China and hit the global market in January 2020. Arknights is set in a dystopian world where people have features that resemble animals and mythological races.

Each character/operator is a “tower”. Melee characters can be placed on the ground, while ranged can be placed on elevated tiles. Like most tower defence games, the goal is to prevent infiltration or destruction.

There is also a base-building aspect which allows players to manage resources for battle. This is where the usual gacha game mechanics come in, such as virtual currency and randomized rewards.

The first celebration is the Episode 7 update, where “players will fight against the disciplined army led by Patriot and get a deeper understanding of the conflicts between Rhodes Island and Reunion”.

The anniversary will accompany a number of in-game prizes. From December 30th, 2020, players will get 1 free roll every day for 2 weeks and an additional log-in reward. Players can also expect Operator Savage to be sent to them through in-game mail.

New operators, W (Limited), Weedy, and Elysium will be available at headhunting. The store will feature 6 new outfits and a Sarkaz furniture set. Finally, a sign-in event will gift players with gifts, including an Amiya outfit. You can find more details about all the 1st anniversary celebrations in the livestream above.

Get your tower defence itch scratched with some anime characters with the all new 1 year anniversary events, starting December 30th, 2020. For more news on great games, keep it tuned with Informed Pixel! Want to speak to the team and interact with other gamers? You can do so over on the Informed Pixel Facebook page or on the Informed Pixel Twitter account