ARK II Officially Announced

ARK II Officially Announced

The Game Awards brought many surprises this year, including a few major announcements that few saw coming. One of the primary main reveals was for ARK II, with a gorgeous in-engine trailer featuring actor Vin Diesel himself.

The sequel looks to thrust players into a brutal new world full of ancient beasts, exotic alien fauna and more! Humans must work together to survive against hyper-intelligent dinosaurs who dominate the planet; as the dramatic story of humankind’s evolution continues to be expanded upon.

The trailer features a new character, Santiago, and his clan of humans being ambushed by hyper-lethal dinosaurs and other enemies. The trailer showcases some gameplay features and story threads that players can expect to explore when the game launches.

Vin Diesel is playing Santiago, a new character in Ark II who will also crossover with the upcoming Ark: The Animated Series. Diesel is a huge fan and has logged in over 1,000 hours worth of playtime in Ark: Survival Evolved; so his involvement with the sequel is very exciting!

The Pixelated Ark

Ark II will release as an exclusive Xbox Series X|S launch in 2022, with a tease of new information coming soon! Additionally, there are Santiago weapon skins and an Ark: The Animated Series Raptor costume that are available for a limited time Ark: Survival Evolved!

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