Arceus Distribution Now Live For Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire & Pokemon X/Y

Arceus Distribution Now Live For Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire & Pokemon X/Y

Just like clockwork, the next 20th anniversary Pokemon distribution is now live and Arceus is now obtainable once again for the masses.

Unlike the previous three Pokemon distributions, Arceus will be given out via code card. The only way to get these codes is to go to your local GameStop (or EB Games if you’re in Canada) and ask the front desk for your free code card. Once you have your code you can boot up Pokemon X and Y or Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, then select Mystery Gift in your game’s main menu. In the Mystery Gift menu, you then need to select “Receive Gift” then “get with code”. Once downloaded, you will be the proud owner of the “God Pokemon” Arceus. These codes tend to run out quickly, so act fast. Arceus codes will be given out from August 1st up until the 24th and can be redeemed up until November 30th.

Arceus is unique in almost every way, boasting the highest base stat total in the game excluding Mega Evolutions. It has the ability Multitype allowing Arceus to be the same type as the hold item (For example, a Dread Plate makes it a Dark type). The Arceus you will receive has a move set consisting of Recover, Hyper Beam, Perish Song and its signature move: Judgment. You will get Arceus at lv. 100 but unfortunately it will have no hold items equipped.

I cannot stress enough that you should get your codes at your earliest chance. Arceus events don’t come around very often, and this is your chance to get multiple, provided you have multiple copies of the current games.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are set to release November 18th. Make sure check out the recent coverage of the Pokemon trailer that dropped this morning.