April’s Game of the Month (2020)

It probably doesn’t need to be said, but April wasn’t the best month for releases. With businesses shutting down and people forced to stay home, games just weren’t the immediate focus for many people. At least, until it came time to battle the boredom that comes with quarantine. Fortunately, while there may not have been a great number of games, there were a number of games that were great. Which will be named the Game Of The Month though?

As usual, the games vary in genre and platform. On top of that, this month will see 2 games “tied” for the top spot. This is only because they are similar in how they came about, even if nothing alike otherwise. The month had zombies, aliens, brawls and battles– some games more than just one of them.

GAME(S) OF THE MONTH– Final Fantasy VII Remake (PlayStation 4)/ Resident Evil 3 (PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One)

Starting off this month’s best are two very, very well known franchises. I decided to place them together since, as I’m sure most are aware, they are both “remakes.” However, they both approach this differently. Resident Evil 3 is a polished version of the original, minus some areas/monsters, whereas Final Fantasy VII took an early chunk of the original game and expanded upon it.

It worked well for both of them. While many may argue that Resident Evil 3 is inferior to its predecessor (in both cases), it’s also in high regard. As for Final Fantasy VII, an upgraded version of one of the most popular RPG’s was always going to do well. Luckily, it looks to have captured most of what made the original great.

FIRST RUNNER UP– Gears Tactics (Xbox One)

Another game from a well-known series, Gears Tactics takes 3rd-person action and transforms into turn-based tactics. There are character classes, movement grids, skill upgrades, and, of course, permadeath. Also, to keep in line with Gears‘ philosophy, the developers created a faster pace. Units will be using up to 3 actions per turn, creating more possibilities. Story-wise, its a prequel to the original Gears of War, so those invested in the series should check this one out.

SECOND RUNNER UP– Streets of Rage 4 (Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One)

I sense a theme this month…as the 3rd game (read, 4th) of the month is another series entry. Only this time, its reaching back to the retro days and bringing them to the present. It retains the classic arcade beat-’em-up style as its predecessors, only with new graphics. So if you are looking for a fun multiplayer game, or just want some near-mindless strolling and punching, you may want to look into it.

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