AMD’s Freesync (Finally) Coming To Xbox One Consoles

AMD’s Freesync (Finally) Coming To Xbox One Consoles

Microsoft’s Major Nelson (Otherwise known as Larry Hyrb) announced that AMD’s Freesync technology found in most computer displays will be usable by the Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles in the coming months.

The information comes from Inside Xbox, a new show dedicated to bringing news directly to Xbox consumers. Specifics dictate that the Xbox One console will support Freesync, with the Xbox One X and Xbox One S consoles supporting Freesync 2 with HDR, a great surprise for all Xbox One owners. Microsoft is bringing the Freesync feature to the Alpha Ring of Xbox Insiders within the next few days, although no specific release date was mentioned.

For those technologically challenged, Freesync is a technology that allows for a smoother gameplay experience, as it synchronizes your monitor and your device together. This means smoother framerates, sharper picture, and (potentially) no screen tearing, although the latter was already rarely seen in consoles. If you would like to find out more about Freesync, the folks over at LinusTechTips made a very informative video about Freesync.

The Xbox One X and Xbox One S consoles are available at most retailers.