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What is Informed Pixel?

Informed Pixel is a online news outlet that focuses on gaming news and opinions. We strive to provide accurate and honest news, along with a place for new and aspiring writers to get their foot in the door. Giving our writers the creative freedom to express their passion for the gaming industry is an absolute must for Informed Pixel. We hope you enjoy the various writing styles that each member of the team brings to the site.

Meet The Team

Jordan Wharton (CEO & Editor-In-Chief)

“A longtime Halo fan. I strive to set dreams and achieve them every year, all while gaining new experiences.
One of my proudest achievements so far is visiting the home of Halo, 343 Industries Headquarters.”

Lance Taylor (Writer)

Stand-up comedian turned Physics major turned cartoon human.
Lance is a Canadian writer who tries to bring an awkward, yet relatable voice to video game news.

Ryan Beattie (Writer)

An aspiring fiction writer that loves horror. Favourite series are Resident Evil, Silent Hill and God of War.

Rob Lake (Writer & Editor)

“Bearded wonder of the East Coast, will write for food!”

Cameron Farrelly (Writer)

That random British dude that’s either lost somewhere in London or constantly roaming the streets of Akihabara. Lifelong gamer, OG Halo fan since ’01, and Creator, researcher and lover of Tech!

Grunt 4500 (Writer)

“A passionate Halo fan with an avid interest in the Gaming Industry. Always looking to expand my horizons and learn from new experiences. My goal is to bring an enthusiastic and informative approach into the wonderful world of gaming!”

Matt Scriver (Writer)

“Hello. My name is Mathew Scriver, though most call me Matt or even UberDerp. I have been gaming since the ripe old age of 5 years old. I specialize in the MMORPG genre with a bit of Halo/FPS games on the side.”

Siglan (Writer)

More Info Coming Soon

Hap Bains

Hap Bains reporting live from Informed Pixel! Games, Comics, Nostalgia and Geek personified.
“There is no knowledge that is not power.” (MK3)

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