About Us


At Informed Pixel Media Group, we strive on giving our writers the creative freedom to express their passion for the gaming industry. Our goal is to keep our readers informed about the latest in gaming, tech, nerd & geek culture from around the web.

Our Mission Statement: To provide consistent communication to our readers while offering insightful feedback on our thoughts and opinions of the gaming industry.

What we believe in:

  • Express our writer’s thoughts and opinions openly and honestly.
  • Provide consistent communication with our readers about what is going on within the gaming industry.
  • Have fun and enjoy what we do.
  • Explore new opportunities and be creative.


Informed Pixel Media Group, InformedPixel.com and InformedPixel.ca were founded in the small town of Okotoks, Alberta, Canada – near Calgary, Alberta. With the burning passion for the gaming industry and experience in developing games, retailing games, writing about games and of course, playing games, the writing staff is motivated in delivering the best content straight to your computer screen.


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Skyler Edgar
Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Brett Luft
Editor, Account Manager

Jordan Wharton
Content Contributor (UK)

Ciaran Kelly
Content Contributor (UK)

Ryan Beattie
Content Contributor

Lance Taylor
Content Contributor

Justin Khan
Digital Artist & Video Producer

Stefie Simms
Social Media Manager

Rafael Gonzales
Social Media Coordinator