A Vault-Dwellers Guide to Fallout 4 Merchandise

A Vault-Dwellers Guide to Fallout 4 Merchandise

In order to create hype for the upcoming Fallout 4, Bethesda is releasing massive amounts of merchandise on their online store. The items range anywhere from snowboards to dresses, not to mention multiple items available for pre-order.

The website has seen an addition of a “Fallout Women’s Collection”, which includes Vault 111 and Vault-Tec themed cardigans, leggings, handbags, and even a belted tank dress. Fear not, fashion lovers who aren’t interested in dresses or leggings! There are also many new shirts and sweaters up for pre-order and purchase! For example, there are shirts boasting Vault blue and the Vault 111 symbol, there’s some Nuka Cola items, and there are multiple hoodies (including a very stylish Ladies Vault 111 ANGL Hoodie with a fabulous cowl neck). Lovers of the mobile app will also be thrilled to find out that the handy Mr. Handy helper robot appears on a blue shirt. For the minimalist fan, there are a few simple items in slick greys that have the Fallout 4 logo.

For accessories, there’s a fantastic snowboard featuring the garage image from the website’s announcement of the game on the front, and a simple but stunning “Fallout 4” printed on the back. This board has been flying out of the store, so act fast if you want one! There’s also a couple of messenger bags including Vault-Tec, New California Republic, and Nuka Cola bags. There’s also a few Fallout themed cups, as well as the Tranquility Lane Vault Boy Watch, and there’s even Vault Boy Plushes! The website also has a few Pop! figurines, as well as a Power Armor and Lone Wanderer action figure. Unfortunately, the in-demand “Pip-Boy” edition is still listed as out of stock.

On a lighter note, the Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide is on pre-order in both normal and collector’s editions. There’s an Art of Fallout 4 hardcover book being released, and The Fallout Anthology for PC is also available for pre-order (it has Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Fallout 3 Game of the Year, Fallout New Vegas Game of the Year, and an empty slot to keep your copy of Fallout 4), the anthology is stored in a tactical nuke and plays an explosion sound effect when the warning button on the front is pressed. Bethesda also has the perfect item for family game night, a Fallout Monopoly board including Fallout lore based tiles and playing mechanics!

Bethesda is truly powering up for the release of Fallout 4 by releasing all of these cool new pieces of merchandise, and is doing a fantastic job of supplying the fans with appropriate attire for the wasteland. Follow @InformedPixel on Twitter for more coverage of Fallout 4 and everything gaming.