A Look At The Boss Key Games That Never Were

A Look At The Boss Key Games That Never Were

Cliff Bleszinski took to Twitter today to share some concept art after the announcement of closing Boss Key Productions, the studio behind LawBreakers and Radical Heights. Bleszinski shared visions from the imaginations of his former staff members to shine a light on his experiences with the development cycle.

As pointed out by Gamasutra, it’s a friendly reminder of the talent that lived within Boss Key. One game that looked particularly interesting was a game code-named “DragonFlies.”

“Basically you were ninja/samurai in airships riding dragons fighting zombies with friends in a PVE ‘feudalpunk’ setting on floating islands,” Bleszkinski said in a tweet. The airships were designed to be aircraft carriers for the dragons. “You used melee and guns and could outfit your beasts for combat. Basically do for dragon riding what Halo did for vehicles.”

Bleszkinski released a statement on the decision to shut down Boss Key Productions yesterday, citing LawBreakers and Radical Heights’ inability to gain traction as the tipping point. While the studio lost some talent, the industry was supportive of Boss Key’s staff, with companies urging former employees to check out their offerings.