90s Action Movies That Should Be Adapted for Next-Gen Consoles

90s Action Movies That Should Be Adapted for Next-Gen Consoles

We’re on the cusp of the releases of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles. And so far, everything we’ve seen looks pretty incredible. These will be the most powerful gaming consoles we’ve ever seen, and accordingly the early peeks at forthcoming games for them are jaw-dropping.

Those games also look decidedly new though. With the exception of the Tony Hawk remastering, most of the next-gen console games we’re seeing and hearing about are either brand new originals, or anticipated continuations of existing series. That’s all well and good, but it would also be fun for the folks behind Xbox and PlayStation to work in a bit more of a nostalgia factor. That is to say, it would be fun if developers were able to present a few games based on material that gamers love from their past.

Some of the best sources for that kind of material might be ‘90s action movies. This may sound somewhat random, but it makes a lot of sense for two reasons. First is that too many of these excellent action films never did produce video games, but would be brilliant on new-age consoles. Second is that it’s said that the average gamer today is in his or her mid-30s — which means a huge number of gamers grew up in the ‘90s, and would appreciate this kind of source material.

Following this line of thinking, just for fun, we came up with some specific movies we’d love to see adapted for the next-gen consoles at some point….


There have actually been calls for years for Marvel to bring back the Blade character — in a game, on TV, in a new film, or wherever. And those calls might have worked. Blade does appear in some games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance — which Informed Pixel has discussed before — and there is to be a new film starring Mahershala Ali in the title role. But it would be particularly cool if Marvel allowed for a full-fledged next-gen game based on the original film. The movie had a unique tone to it that would make for a brilliant in-game world, and it could help build hype for the reboot as well.


There are some sword-slashing games that people can get excited about these days. But can you really think of one like Braveheart? This beloved historical epic shows us Highlands-style sword-and-sandals warfare like no other piece of pop culture ever has, and yet to our knowledge it’s never been considered for a major game adaptation. A brand new Braveheart game with a realistic world and plenty of action would get get a lot of ‘80s and ‘90s kids excited about the new consoles.

The Matrix

There have been some games based on The Matrix, but none of them have ever done it justice. Frankly, it’s just not a movie that worked well on older consoles. This is a story and a brand of action that needs to look and feel realistic to be convincing, and on next-gen consoles it could be done. Countless gamers would jump at the opportunity to control Neo through various adventures and in battles with Agent(s) Smith via the power of a modern console. Plus, The Matrix is coming back with a fourth film! So, as with Blade, there might actually be a sort of market incentive to roll out a game like this as part of a hype campaign.


Mulan may be the least likely selection on this list, given that it was just brought back to the forefront of pop culture to mixed reviews. Disney’s live-action reboot was met with mild disappointment and some unfortunate controversy, which will probably put Mulan on the shelf for a while. But the fact remains that plenty of young adults grew up adoring the original, and we have too few women heroes in action games. A next-gen adventure game based on the original film — particularly if it could capture the same animation style within a big open world — would be a very unique game with a good shot at success.


Like Mulan, this film was originally for a younger audience, but it’s one lots of young adults have fond memories of. It’s also one that still pops up now and then. A feature on the movies that inspired the slots by Gala Spins listed the film as one of a handful that have actually produced online slot machine games, of all things, and there was a fairly recent reboot of the film too. But with due respect to the slot game, there hasn’t been a video game that fully brings the action-packed nature of this light-hearted adventure film to life. A Jumanji game on a next-gen console could be an absolutely wild ride.

Total Recall

Though it’s far more serious in nature than the last two suggestions, Total Recall is another beloved “‘90s kid” movie with a (relatively) recent video game and no video game to do it justice. That’s not to say there haven’t been games. There was a mobile title that came out to mark the release of the reboot, according to SlashGear, and there was also an NES game way back in 1990 as well. But Total Recall on a modern console would bring about a whole different level of action that fans of the film would love.

We could go on, because the truth is there are a lot of great ‘90s action movies! Instalments in the Die Hard and Lethal Weapon series, various Sylvester Stallone films, SpeedPoint BreakSaving Private RyanThe Mask Of Zorro…. There are plenty of possibilities. But the examples we highlighted above really speak to how much fun nostalgia-driven releases on the next-gen consoles could be.