9 Games That Would Make Great Use Of Switch’s Hardware

9 Games That Would Make Great Use Of Switch’s Hardware

The Nintendo Switch’s hardware is impressive, but more games need to take advantage of the different types of hardware for people to get excited about it. We take a look at some of the biggest games in the industry and pinpoint what games could take full advantage of the hardware, in one way or another.

9. Pokemon – The release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon brought millions back to the series, with new battle mechanics and a new story, but we haven’t had a real Pokemon title on the console in some time. Now, with the Switch’s portability, Nintendo could develop and prosper from having a Pokemon adventure on the new platform. Using the improved hardware, and the combination of simple controls and up to connectivity with up to seven other Switch’s, there is awesome potential for Pokemon on the new platform.

8. Sports compilation (Wii Sports) – A sequel to the best-selling Wii game of all time (because it was bundled with all Wii consoles) would feel great on the Nintendo Switch. Naming it Switch Sports or something along those lines, we can bring back those generic sports titles to the masses, but now in portable fashion. This title scores a bit low on this list, because of games like Arms, FIFA, and 1-2-Switch already sporting advanced versions of what I’m talking about. However, a simple collection of sports games would feel right at home with the Nintendo Switch.

7. Telltale’s Series. – I don’t want to miss out on the importance of bringing Telltale’s games to the platform. The majority of their titles are managed through quick-time events, forcing players to dodge oncoming obstacles and negotiate their way through difficult positions. The game doesn’t require a lot of cutting edge hardware to make it playable, which could mean longer battery times when playing it on the road. I feel like the Joy-Con controllers would make for a great addition to these games, what with their motion controls and simple control layout.

Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy game could make for an awesome addition for the Nintendo Switch. With a rumored April release date, perhaps it will release for Nintendo’s new console.

6. NHL, Madden Series – For the sports nut, there are a lot of potential options here for the Nintendo Switch, with its wide range of control options and portability, most sports titles should be able to take advantage of local and wireless play, using the Joy-Con controllers as a facet for accessibility. We already know of two sports franchises hitting the Nintendo Switch: EA’s FIFA and 2K’s NBA 2k18 arriving later this year. Dependent on how these titles do on the Switch, it is probably we will see more sports titles come to the platform. Only time will tell.

5. Rocket League – The guilty pleasure of playing Rocket League for hours on end has made me enter this in the list. While the motion controls wouldn’t be utilized as well as other titles, this one gets number 6 for playability. Rocket League is a perfect game to play with friends, so when you and your friends have multiple Switch’s next to each other, the local multiplayer can get heated and intense. Another plus is that Rocket League doesn’t require complicated controls, making it possible to enjoy a two-player experience using one Nintendo Switch using the Joy-Con controllers.

The gameplay in Rocket League is addicting and easy to pick up. 

4. Super Smash Bros. – We still don’t know the fate of Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch and if it is in development or not. The delay of the Bayonetta and Cloud amiibo have us think they are awaiting the release of Smash Bros to release alongside the game. Of course, Super Smash Bros. made its way onto this list because it is a fun game to play with friends, and it may open the door for competitive gaming. The Joy-Con controllers, although uncomfortable for a high-octane fighter like Smash Bros., would work as a casual setup with friends, but the introduction of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller may change things up for the competitive scene. I would have scored this number one on the list, but three other titles got in the way of perfection.

3. Metroid – The fact that the Joy-Con controllers can be used independently makes me feel like a Metroid game would feel right at home on this platform. Allowing the Joy-Con controllers to act as an extension to Samus’ blaster in the game and the combined movement of motion control would immerse the player within the Metroid universe.

2. Mario Party – A new Mario Party game would feel right at home with the Nintendo Switch. The use of two Joy-Con controller sets would make it possible to play the game with up to four people, and with the potential to do this on the go, whereas most mini-games and the board focus around all of the players – instead of becoming a split screen title. The technology found inside of the Joy-Con controllers can be used to compliment a wide variety of minigames, similar to what is exhibited in 1-2-Switch.

1. WarioWare – There is a reason why this is number one on the list. WarioWare has always thought outside the box when utilizing the most of Nintendo’s hardware. Take WarioWare Smooth Moves for the Nintendo Wii. An excellent title which uses the Wii Remote in nearly every possible configuration, and it made for an enjoyable, comedic experience when playing solo or with friends. The Joy-Con controllers have enough technology to make a game like WarioWare shine. HD Rumble, the IR sensor located at the bottom of the right Joy-Con, and the excellent mix motion controls are all examples of the different types of technology that WarioWare could utilize. If I am excited to see Nintendo develop anything for the Switch, it is this.

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