5 Mobile Games To Look Out For In 2020

5 Mobile Games To Look Out For In 2020

I know, I know. We already spend too much time looking at our phones. What else am I meant to do while waiting in a queue, be alone with my thoughts? No, thank you! It’s nice to have a distraction from what goes on in the old brain space, and social media can be depressing at the best of times. Games it is, then. With that in mind, here are 5 mobile games to look out for in 2020.

Slay The Spire (Early 2020)

Slay The Spire Combat

Image Credit: MegaCrit

An already wildly popular Roguelike deckbuilder, Slay the Spire was expected to hit phones last year. In a December post on Steam the developers MegaCrit announced they are close to finishing the mobile ports, and have a playable version of the game. No concrete dates were given, but we were told to expect more news in early 2020.

The spire generates differently each time you embark, and you can build your deck to your liking so the game is more re-playable.  Turn based mechanics make the gameplay feasible for our goofy thumbs, and card games are ever popular. As a result, this will definitely be one to look for for this year.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile (March 2020)

Teamfight Tactics Lucian Graphic

Image Credit: RIOT Games

Speaking of popular, how about them auto battlers? Now, I know RIOT is going to be pumping out Legends of Runeterra, and a League of Legends port(ish) to mobile, but I’ve already talked cards, and *insert second valid reason here*. I like TFT, okay!? The genre itself is fairly new, having just broken a year this month, but is taking off with everybody and their dogs adding their take on the style.

Jump in, pick some champions, try to figure out synergy, get stomped, repeat. The style lends itself to mobile as well, as the time commitment is fairly low, so if you have a spare 20 minutes you can jump into a match. Though, admittedly the particularly close matches can last quite a while. RIOT posted in a recent dev video to expect TFT for mobile this March. Check it out below.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross (2020)

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

Image Credit: Netmarble

Hot dang am I excited about this one. Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross released in 2019 in Japan and Korea, and has been insanely popular.  It is an RPG with TCG elements (I know, I said I was done with cards) based on the beloved anime based on the beloved manga of the same name.

The combat looks fun and crisp, with cards dictating which abilities can be used. The in combat animation is gorgeous, but I do hope there is an option to turn the animations off if you tire of watching them. There are tavern mini games where you can equip your parties outfits, and cook food for combat buffs. Above all, you can grab a pint of Vanya Ale!

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is in pre-registration right now on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. You get some fun character boosts if you do, so get on it.

Runescape Mobile (Early Access Now, iOS 2020)

Runescape Mobile Early Access

Image Credit: Jagex

Runescape was many people’s first foray into the world of free to play MMOs, and some have not looked back since. Whether you play oldschool or new, fans of the series are sure to be excited about the mobile port available on Google Play now and iOS later in 2020. It will be cross-platform, and also offers an exclusive Mobile Founder’s Pack to early access players. A shiny new Radiant Dawn Armour, Steel Panther Combat Pet, and a unique mobile-themed rest animation can be yours!

Super Meat Boy Forever (2020)

Super Meat Boy Forever Title

Image Credit: Team Meat

Ah, yes. A Voyeur for September. That was what Super Meat Boy Forever was teased as back in 2014, with the former being an anagram of the latter. A sequel to the revolutionary indie classic Super Meat Boy, the game has been in mostly quiet development for years. Meat Boy and Bandage Girl must chase Dr. Fetus and rescue their child, Nugget. There are two buttons for controls, with the levels designed to compliment said buttons. Levels are created randomly, and increase in difficulty upon completion.

Team Meat has apologized for misjudging the size of the project in the past, and has consequently slated a 2020 release date. Originally announced as a mobile-only game, it will now be available on consoles and in the Epic Games Store as well. This is definitely a game to look out for this year.

Welp, That’s All

I understand a “5 mobile games to look out for in 2020” list is pretty short, but if I kept going I would get too excited too fast and probably explode. I rather like not being exploded, so 5 is what we get. What would you put on your list? Did anything I mentioned make you go, “ugh, pass!” Let us know over on the Informed Pixel Facebook page or on the Informed Pixel Twitter account, or over on my personal Twitter.

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