4 Most Popular Mobile Games You Should Play

4 Most Popular Mobile Games You Should Play

Do you want to dive into the exciting world of virtual competition? Then try your hands on the top 4 most popular mobile games. As long as you own a smartphone, you can dabble in video games for education and entertainment. While there are several gaming apps on the Google Play store and AppStore, only a handful of mobile games trend globally. Here are the top 4 most popular ones to check out in the new year.

PUBG Mobile

There’s a good reason why PUBG is trending in more than 100 countries as the number-one mobile game in the market right now. PUBG’s PC version added a new concept of battle royale where gamers land in strange islands and fight their way to the top. However, maps in the PC and mobile versions aren’t much different. Lightspeed & Quantum Studio put in a lot of effort to develop this must-have mobile game for lockdown.

One awesome fact about this game is the limitless customization options it gives to players. For example, in the arcade mode, one can choose between mini zone, war, and sniper modes. This shooting game closely matches real-life situations. The gun recoil, plus the aiming and shooting, have all been improved in several ways. Are you a battle royale fan? Perhaps, PUBG is all that you need to make the most of your home entertainment systems

Legends of Runeterra

Available for free playing, Legends of Runeterra is one of the newest Android games that can enhance your gaming life in the new year. Comparable to games like Hearthstone, Runeterra is an online battler. When playing, you can harvest cards and heroes and use them to design decks. Go online to compete with other opponents, and you’ll both enjoy the excitement that springs from this most popular mobile game app.

Legends of Runeterra comes with 24 champions and a number of cards, giving you the option to play with your family and friends as well. Mobile drifting games may also be another way to access visually stunning racing games online. Enjoy the freedom of driving power wheels and embarking on the craziest adventures.

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall

Game enthusiasts don’t need to be reminded that Game of Thrones has set and broken several records since its inception. Want to release your stress? You may want to keep an eye on Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall, the most promising mobile game from Behavior Interactive. Be the commander of Night’s Watch and play as the legendary John Snow Daenerys Stormborn. As of 2020, this role-playing game was one of the highly expected mobile gaming applications. Get people from all the seven kingdoms to protect the walls against the Night Walkers. Beyond the Wall will offer several events for players to take part in and win awards.

Stranger Things: The Game

Released way back in 2019, this game still trends today thanks to its constant upgrades. While the storyline is virtually the same, the mobile game gives you extra missions to accomplish, which is an interesting challenge. Based on the device you are using, you may have to face four different bosses in the action-adventure. Explore Hawkins and its surrounding localities, solve puzzles and improve your smartness.