3DNes Emulator Shown Off; NES Games In 3D

3DNes Emulator Shown Off; NES Games In 3D

You can now play NES games using a 3D engine in Mozilla Firefox Web Browsers.

The Youtube user Geod Studio posted a gameplay video online showcasing NES games running in 3D. The emulator then converts the games assets into 3D textures, so you get a whole new perspective when enjoying games like Castlevania, Super Mario Bros., Mega Man, and others.

The emulator currently runs off of the Unity Engine from within Mozilla Firefox which means that the user needs not to install anything on his or her computer to run it. Sadly, this also means that the emulator will not work in browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Edge, Safari or older versions of Internet Explorer.

While the emulator is still in beta, we are looking forward to seeing what it will look like in the coming months.