20th Anniversary Celebi Distribution Now Live

20th Anniversary Celebi Distribution Now Live

The second legendary Pokemon distribution is live as of March 1st, and up for grabs this time is the legendary time-traveler itself: Celebi.

Celebi will be given at level 100, with the Natural Cure ability. It’s move set will consist of Heal Bell, Recover, Confusion and Safeguard, with a random nature and no held items. Alongside the release of these legendary Pokemon for the video games, are special promotional Pokemon TCG packs sold separately. Each promo box will also contain the same legendary Pokemon as the digital distribution.

Unlike last month with Mew, Celebi will be received through the Nintendo network via wi-fi. All you need to do is boot up Pokemon X/Y or ORAS, select the Mystery Gift option in the main menu, select receive gift, then lastly select get via Internet. Make sure your 3DS is already connected to your home network. Now you’re the proud owner of the rare Pokemon Celebi!

Check back next month for more Pokemon Distribution details.