2021 Taipei Game Show Was A Huge Success

2021 Taipei Game Show Was A Huge Success

The Taipei Game Show successfully ended on January 31st; becoming the first virtual and physical gaming event of 2021. With effective Covid-19 prevention regulations people were able to safely attend the event; while others were also able to attend via online streams.

The event featured Esports tournaments such as League of Legends & Just Dance 2021. Additionally there were plenty of Indie developer panels; as well as the annual 2021 Indie game rewards which took place.

To make the event work online, a system called “APGS Online” was used to allow for easy access of the digital event. With it, over 4,200 viewers, 300 exhibitors from over 35 countries with a total of 500 booths; making for a large & successful event.

With integrated multilingual subtitles to avoid language barriers; a unique virtual environment was created to allow the audience, indie developers & industry professionals to connect in effective ways. Additionally this allowed attending events easier than ever for those who attended online.

A Bright Future

The Taipei Game Show was a massive success, and provided unique & effective ways to simultaneously host a gaming event physically & virtually. To learn more about the Taipei Game Show, the events which occurred and the Indie game rewards; be sure to check out their official website and Twitter page!

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